The Pathetic Statement

Well it finally happened – another parent said “you don’t understand because you aren’t really a parent”. I’m honestly surprised it took this long.

So, what was my response? There were an almost innumerable list of things I could have said:
– so your DNA connection to a child automatically makes you a wiser adult than me?
– so you are saying grandparents, aunts, uncles, others who raise children and adoptive parents don’t love their children as much or raise them as well as you?
– so you are justifying your interference with my child with your DNA connection to your child?
– so the daily sacrifices for & mentoring of two kids make me ignorant to the unconditional love and nurturing of another human being?

Or, how about, the fact that I can love & raise a child better than you scares you to death because you’ve never voluntarily loved anyone that much?

Or, what I actually said – “that is the most pathetic thing you could possibly have said to me”

I’m sorry parents get scared and upset about their children’s relationships, but we must remember their relationships are not ours. We cannot fight their battles for them. Rather, it is our job to mentor them through all aspects of life.

Do not over step. Don’t try to discipline other people’s children. If there is a concern or problem, talk about it as adults and hopefully guide your children through it together.

But while I might not share their DNA, I promise you, you mess with my kids, and I’m coming for you, so don’t think you low blows are going bother me. I saw them coming – stupidity is easy to spot.


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