The Jig Is Up

Well they definitely know all they should know…maybe they know too much…how do you know if you have told your children too much of the truth? Is that possible? Is there a such thing as too much truth? Or enough truth for the time? Not telling the whole truth seems like a lie.

I don’t know. I think my husband says too much too soon. Not just in this instance but always – he talks too much. Tells too much. I guess he’s never been burned for talking too much. I hope he hasn’t burned himself now.

It’s gotta be hard for them. Finding what is truth for them…downloading their parents versions of the truth. One an all out liar and manipulator and the other often to egocentric to see another’s perspective….

The younger one is strong and bright (maybe even wise)…he depends on her too much in this way just as he does me. Instead of protecting her – not giving her all she can bear – he releaves himself with not much thought.

Point is – we speak frankly now. No more “your mom is so great, her friends are fine” bullshit. She’s their mother – treat her with respect. We are immediate family – be civil. Beyond that, the thinly veiled contempt can show.

Drinking too much multiple days a week and not providing for your children IS abuse and neglect. Thank God the children know that and don’t think it’s ok.

A loving father who doesn’t raise his voice or speak harshly – they see his value. They know he is right. A good guy who should not be diminished or taken for granted.

“it’s all about her” the little one says. “always has been” replys dad.


One thought on “The Jig Is Up”

  1. I can totally relate to what you are saying. As one parent lies, deceives and manipulates, the other “good” parent sometimes over-compensates in the other direction. I have chosen to always be truthful to my children. They are older now but they have seen how everything with their dad “was all about him…always”. It has not changed…I will be praying for your children/ step-children.

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