Due to a gaping hole in our custody agreement, my husband’s ex started claiming both children on her taxes the year before she foreclosed on her house. It was obvious the first year that she used the subsequent tax refund to pay bills etc – meanwhile my husband and I paid thousands of dollars in taxes despite the fact that our income barely covers our bills. The year she foreclosed on her house, she used the tax refund she got to buy concert season tickets and her oldest child a car. The car is a total clunker. It needs paint, an alignment, it leaks oil….and it’s only been a week. She gets drunk with her friends at the concerts. Had she not pulled the tax stunt for the second time, we could have afforded to buy the child a decent car. But, she never discussed it in anyway with the father of her children…

If getting divorced, be certain all of these matters are covered in you separation agreement. Tax dependents, cars, insurance of all kinds, etc….if you are the father and/or the financially stronger parent, beware you will get robbed of assets as well as the opportunity to be the direct provider for your children.

Update: the car fell apart in the road. Thankfully, our child was not hurt. We are now buying the car that should have been bought almost a year ago. At least $2,000 wasted due to pride.


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