Another One Bites The Dust…

I have a male co-worker who is going through a divorce…he has multiple children…his wife cheated on him several times for years apparently. He’s afraid of loosing more than 50% of custody, yet currently he sees them at least 60% of the time because mommy wants to be with her boyfriend pretty often.

Why should a non-cheating, non-abusive father have to fear loosing 50% of the custody of his children?

Why should he feel like he’s not a priority to his attorney because he isn’t a high dollar client?

Why should his attorney ask him to deal with getting documents from his wife which she is legally obligated to produce because the attorney doesn’t want to bother with filing a Motion because he knows her client can’t afford the 1 billable hour it would take???

Fathers who are good guys get screwed along with the children because of selfish women and irresponsible lawyers.

Fathers, don’t back down. Fight for your children! Be courageous. Women who know good men, help them fight!


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