What’s In a Name?

Unwicked Stepmother. The title communicates many things. Yes, I am a step-mother. Unwicked – carries with it a reference to the Wicked Stepmothers found in fairytales and reality who treat their step-children in a selfish, discriminatory manner often in direct contrast to their own biological children. The “un” part of “unwicked” communicates a lack of wickedness – the antithesis of wickedness in fact. By naming my blog the “unwickedstepmother” therefore, I am purposefully communicating that I consider myself NOT to be a wicked stepmother, and this blog is for all those step-mothers out there who feel the same. How am I unwicked? I do my best each day to put my step-children before myself; to love them unconditionally (and without any measure of love close to that amount given in return…), to make personal sacrifices so that their lives may be better, and to do my best to try to see our family relationship through their eyes.

I hope this to be a dialogue about the struggles of step-parenting and hopefully we will be more unwicked for having participated in this dialogue.

My heart overflows even at this moment with the most recent struggle…


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